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March 28, 2023


Brigitte Lacombe is a French photographer who has captured the essence of some of the greatest artists of our time. Her captivating portraits showcase the true art of photography, capturing not just the features of her subjects but their personalities, emotions and the stories behind them. In this blog post, we will take a look at 10 captivating portraits by Brigitte Lacombe that define the art of photography. From artists to actors and activists, these portraits demonstrate the diverse range of subjects Lacombe has captured, telling their stories with her unique eye for detail and composition.

Section 1: Brigitte Lacombe and Her Photography

Brigitte Lacombe is a French photographer, born in Alès, France in 1950. Her photography journey began in the 70s after she moved to New York. Lacombe’s career spans over four decades, and she’s photographed most of the greatest artists, writers, actors, and directors of our time. Lacombe’s photographic style is unique, capturing personality, emotions, and stories through her portraits.

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Section 2: Bruce Springsteen

Lacombe’s portrait of Bruce Springsteen, an American musician, showcases his grit, vulnerability and grittiness. It’s a black and white portrait that captures his emotions and reflects his character as a songwriter. The portrait is a testimony to Lacombe’s ability to capture the essence of her subjects while still retaining their personality.

Section 3: Gal Gadot

Lacombe’s portrait of Gal Gadot, an Israeli actress and model, showcases her beauty, grace and strength. In the portrait, Gal Gadot’s energy and infectious smile are reflected in her eyes, engaging the viewer and conveying her character. It’s a portrait that captures the actor in a different light, embracing her multifaceted personality.

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Section 4: Sting

Lacombe’s portrait of Sting captures the personality and deep thoughts of the British singer. Sting is shown in deep contemplation, reflecting on his musical performances. The portrait highlights the rich character and innate beauty of the musician, drawing the viewer into the depth of his thoughts.

Section 5: Meryl Streep

Lacombe’s portrait of Meryl Streep, an American actress, is one of the most iconic portraits of the actor. The portrait is a close-up shot, capturing Streep’s piercing gaze and intense eyes. The photograph showcases Streep’s grace, beauty and the captivating power that’s made her one of the greatest actresses of our time.

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Section 6: Senegal

Lacombe’s portrait of Senegal is one of the most breathtaking landscapes she has captured. The photograph captures the natural beauty of the African nation, the sheer grandeur of the deserts, and the endless expanse of the countryside. This is a portrait of the country itself, showcasing its essence and beauty.

Section 7: Billie Eilish

Lacombe’s portrait of Billie Eilish, an American singer and songwriter, showcases her unique character, strength, and vulnerability. The portrait is a close-up shot, capturing her piercing eyes, unique hair, and impeccable style. It’s a portrait that conveys the artist’s individuality and her determination to be herself, regardless of what others think.

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Section 8: Ai Weiwei

Lacombe’s portrait of Ai Weiwei, a Chinese artist, activist, and filmmaker, is one of the most compelling portraits, highlighting his edgy, controversial, and political character. Ai is shown standing in the middle of his exhibition “Evident Truths”. The portrait captures his rebellious nature and his dedication to raising awareness of human rights through his art.


Q1. How did Brigitte Lacombe become a photographer?
A1. Brigitte Lacombe moved to New York in the 70s and started her photography career. Her passion for capturing emotions, stories, and the essence of her subjects through portraits made her successful.

Q2. Who are some of the personalities Brigitte Lacombe has photographed?
A2. Brigitte Lacombe has photographed a diverse range of personalities, including actors, musicians, artists, writers, and activists. Some of them are Meryl Streep, Bruce Springsteen, Sting, Gal Gadot, and Ai Weiwei.

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Q3. How does Brigitte Lacombe capture the personality of her subjects in her photographs?
A3. Brigitte Lacombe captures the personality of her subjects through her unique style of portraiture. She focuses on emotions, facial expressions, the story behind the subject, and their environment.

Q4. What is the specialty of Brigitte Lacombe’s photography?
A4. Brigitte Lacombe specializes in black and white close-up portraits that capture the personality of her subjects through their eyes.

Q5. What is the essence of Brigitte Lacombe’s photography?
A5. Brigitte Lacombe’s photography is all about capturing the essence of the subject, showcasing their personality through facial expressions, emotions, and environment.

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Q6. Which portrait of Brigitte Lacombe portrays deep thoughts in the subject’s mind?
A6. Brigitte Lacombe’s portrait of Sting showcases the singer’s deep thoughts and reflects his character as a songwriter.

Q7. What is the core message of Brigitte Lacombe’s photography?
A7. Brigitte Lacombe’s photography conveys that the essence of a personality can be captured through emotions and expressions, reflecting the individual’s true character.


Brigitte Lacombe’s photography is the art of capturing the essence of personalities. Her portraits showcase emotions, facial expressions, the story behind the subject and their environment. In this blog post, we have looked at 10 captivating portraits that define the art of photography. From actors to artists and activists, these portraits convey the personality, character and unique story of each individual. The magic of Brigitte Lacombe’s portraits is that they capture the essence of each personality, revealing their true character through emotion and expression. Her photography conveys that every personality can become a story, and it is her ability to tell that story through her photography that makes her exceptional.

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