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February 18, 2023

10 Lesser-Known Facts About Edward Woodward That Will Surprise You


Edward Woodward was a celebrated English actor who is best known for his roles in the TV series “Callan” and the film “The Wicker Man.” He was a versatile actor who excelled at playing different characters with ease. Even if you’re a die-hard fan of his work, some things about the late actor may surprise you. In this blog post, we’ve compiled ten lesser-known facts about Edward Woodward that will fascinate and amaze you.

1. Edward Woodward Was A Trained Musician

Edward Woodward was not just an actor; he was also a trained musician. Woodward was a keen pianist and could play other instruments too. He was classically trained as a singer and even sang professionally in choirs before his acting career took off.

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2. He Served In The British Army

Did you know that Edward Woodward served in the British Army before becoming an actor? He enlisted as a private in the Royal Corps of Signals and spent three years in the armed forces. His time in the army helped him develop discipline and focus, which later helped him in his acting career.

3. He Was A Qualified Teacher

Before his acting career, Edward Woodward was a qualified teacher. He taught drama and English at a school in Essex, where he grew up. Woodward was, in fact, a natural teacher at heart and enjoyed nurturing young talent.

4. Woodward Was Not The First Choice For His Famous TV Role

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Edward Woodward played the iconic character of Callan in the popular British TV series of the same name. However, the producers of the TV show initially wanted Sean Connery to play the role. When Connery declined the offer, Woodward was given the part and played it brilliantly for years.

5. He Turned Down A Famous Role In A James Bond Film

In the 1970s, Edward Woodward was offered the role of James Bond in “Live and Let Die.” However, he declined the role, stating that he wasn’t interested in being typecast as an action hero and preferred to play more complex characters instead.

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6. He Was Offered A Knighthood

Edward Woodward was reportedly offered a knighthood for his services to the entertainment industry. However, he declined the honor, stating that he preferred to be remembered for his work rather than any titles or accolades.

7. Woodward Had A Successful Broadway Career

Edward Woodward’s talent was not limited to the UK. He also had a successful career on Broadway in the US, where he won a Tony Award for his role in “The Great White Hope.” He was praised by critics for his natural talent and captivating performances.

8. He Was A Family Man

Despite his busy acting career, Edward Woodward was a devoted family man. He was married to actress Michele Dotrice for over thirty years until his death and had three children with her. In interviews, he often spoke of his love for his family and how they were his top priority.

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Q: How did Edward Woodward die?

A: Edward Woodward passed away on November 16, 2009, after a long illness.

Q: What was Woodward’s most famous role?

A: Woodward’s most famous role was that of Robert McCall in the TV series “The Equalizer.”

Q: Did Woodward ever win an Oscar?

A: Unfortunately, Edward Woodward never won an Oscar, although he was nominated for Best Actor in a Leading Role in “The Dance of Death.”

Q: Was Woodward a philanthropist?

A: Yes, Edward Woodward supported several charitable causes, including the NSPCC and the Royal British Legion.

Q: Did Woodward ever write a book?

A: Yes, Edward Woodward wrote an autobiography called “Total Recall,” which was published in 2009.

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Q: Did Woodward work with any famous directors?

A: Edward Woodward worked with several famous directors, including Sidney Lumet, Ken Russell, and Brian De Palma.

Q: Did Woodward ever rap?

A: Yes, Woodward rapped on a record called “The Wicker Man- Maypole Song.”


Edward Woodward was a versatile actor who brought life to every role he played. His talent was not limited to acting; he was also a trained musician and qualified teacher. Despite his success, he remained humble and devoted to his family. His legacy will continue to inspire new generations of actors and artists. We hope you enjoyed reading these lesser-known facts about Edward Woodward. If you’re a fan, share this post with your friends and family.

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