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March 23, 2023


Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is a popular American TV show that features celebrities paired with professional dancers. One of the most successful professional dancers in DWTS history is Kathrin Menzinger. Kathrin is an Austrian dancer who has won numerous championships and has also starred in popular dance shows around the world. In this post, we will explore Kathrin’s journey, achievements, and future plans.

Section 1: Early Life of Kathrin

Kathrin Menzinger was born on August 15, 1988, in Austria. She started dancing at an early age of four and was spotted by a dance teacher at age six. This made her realize her passion for dance, and she dedicated her entire teenage years to mastering her craft. Growing up in Austria, Kathrin had the chance to witness the best ballroom dancers from around the world, inspiring her to strive for success.

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Section 2: Achievements of Kathrin

Over the years, Kathrin has accumulated a plethora of accolades. At age 16, she won her first Austrian Championship in the Juvenile I Standard division. She has also won the Austrian Youth Latin and Austrian Junior Latin Championships. In 2013, she won her first World Championship and European Championship in the Showdance category, which propelled her career further.

Kathrin became a household name in Austria and Europe, performing in popular dance shows such as ‘Let’s Dance’ in Germany and ‘Dancing Stars’ in Austria. In 2018, Kathrin Menzinger and her partner, Actor Martin Ferdiny, became champions after winning the Austrian version of the DWTS.

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Section 3: Kathrin’s Journey to the DWTS

In 2014, Kathrin was invited to join the DWTS team, marking the beginning of her successful journey in the show. Paired with her celebrity partner, former ski racer Rainer Schönfelder, they achieved second place during their first appearance in the show. This was Kathrin’s first time in an international competition, and she managed to win over the hearts of the DWTS fans.

Section 4: Kathrin’s Partners in the DWTS

Kathrin has danced with various celebrity partners in the DWTS, including comedians, actors, and singers, showcasing her versatility as a dancer. She has had a successful partnership with celebrity partner Michael Schottenberg, comedian Alfons Haider, and rapper D!RTY DANCING. Other partners include Julian Me, Niclas Ekholm, and Andy Lee.

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Section 5: Kathrin’s Achievements in the DWTS

Kathrin has achieved several milestones in the DWTS. In season nine, she reached the final with her partner, writer and presenter Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer. She won her first DWTS trophy in season ten with singer Andreas Gabalier, becoming the first Austrian to win the show.

In season eleven, Kathrin achieved a remarkable achievement when she became the first female professional dancer to win the DWTS with her partner, Olympic ski jumper Andréas Schifferer.

Section 6: Future Plans of Kathrin

Kathrin Menzinger continues to inspire aspiring dancers to pursue their passion for dance. She has also written a dance book aimed at sharing the joy of dance with others. Kathrin plans to continue performing and teaching at dance seminars, workshops, and schools worldwide. She also aspires to create an academy that will offer a formal dance education program.

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Section 7: FAQs

Q1: What distinguished Kathrin from other professional dancers in DWTS?
A1: Kathrin is a versatile dancer and has danced with various celebrity partners, showcasing her ability to adapt to different music genres and dance styles.

Q2: What are Kathrin’s achievements in the DWTS?
A2: Kathrin won DWTS with her partners Andreas Gabalier and Andréas Schifferer. She also reached the finals twice with Thomas Schäfer-Elmayer and Rainer Schönfelder.

Q3: What are Kathrin’s plans for the future?
A3: Kathrin plans to create a dance academy and continue performing and teaching at dance seminars, workshops, and schools worldwide.

Q4: Has Kathrin written a dance book?
A4: Yes, Kathrin has written a dance book aimed at sharing the joy of dance with others.

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Q5: What was Kathrin’s first international competition?
A5: DWTS was Kathrin’s first international competition.

Q6: Has Kathrin danced on other popular dance shows?
A6: Yes, Kathrin has performed on popular dance shows such as ‘Let’s Dance’ in Germany and ‘Dancing Stars’ in Austria.

Q7: Has Kathrin won other championships besides DWTS?
A7: Yes, Kathrin has won several championships throughout her career, including the World Championship and the European Championship in the Showdance category.


Kathrin Menzinger is a talented dancer who has achieved immense success in her career. Her journey, achievements, and future plans offer inspiration to aspiring dancers worldwide. We hope that this post has provided insight into Kathrin’s life and career, leaving you motivated to pursue your passion. We encourage you to watch her performances and follow her journey to be inspired by her passion and hard work.

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