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July 19, 2022

One of the ways to market your products and services is by using influencers who can provide you with a shoutout or by creating awareness on social media. This type of marketing is called influencer marketing and it employs leading niche content creators who have a wide range of followers on social media platforms. They improve brand awareness, provide more traffic, and drive messages to your target audience.


This collaboration is called influencer marketing in technical terms and uses social media platforms, blogs, digital and print ads, television, and many other mediums to promote different brands and services. Influencer marketing is very popular these days. One of the reasons is that traditional advertising is now less effective and costlier these days. Influencer marketing tactics work more effectively because it uses social proof and word-of-mouth marketing techniques. Both of them are useful to create a successful marketing strategy.

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People tend to trust peers, friends, and other people who are just like them and not some celebrity who uses some catchy words and charm to attract the audience. For instance, if you want to buy WOW Cable TV services, you can do the same by going through different reviews and videos on social media and then buying their services. Keeping this in mind, brands today devise their influence marketing strategies and include the following influencers to spread the word:


Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are hired by the business to work under a certain contract and help them achieve their goals. This might include creating and increasing brand awareness, boosting conversion, and generating sales. The contract is less likely to be long-term and can last for a few months or years only. During this time, they represent the brand or service and become its face, and have more insights about the brand they are working with.

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Micro-influencers have a modest number of followers on social media. They can create relevant content for the audience and communicate their offers and other kinds of content using via social media platforms, written publications, different blogs and forums, the brand’s website, and other forums.


Since they have an adequate following and the type of their content that they create is good as well, they typically have a high engagement rate. The smaller number of followers allows micro-influencers to bond with their followers on a regular basis using their channel. This makes them more appealing to businesses that want to create personal relationships with the target audience.

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Blog Influencers

Just as the name says, blog influencers are the people who write for their blogs and have thousands and millions of followers. The reach they offer and their influence sets them apart from bloggers or people who use their Instagram and other social media accounts to promote products and services. You can collaborate with blog influencers and write guest posts for their blog, or get mentioned in one of their posts.


Also, you can ask them to sponsor a post about a product or service you offer and share it online. You can find so many blog influencers and get the eyes of a wider audience very easily just by a quick Google search.

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Celebrity Influencer

Most celebrities have a huge fan following on social media accounts. Therefore, they are recognized and have the potential to be successful when it comes to influencing the target audience. Even if the audience you are targeting is not relevant to the celebrity influencer’s fans, promoting your brand or service and products using their profiles can be powerful social proof.


For instance, using Dwayne Johnson to promote a gym or a health product, or working with Ryan Gosling to promote a watch or apparel can be an example of celebrity influencers. These guys may or may not charge for promotions. But it is very effective to persuade these guys to promote your products and services. You can focus on using social media platforms, TV commercials, blogs, and other media to promote your products and service.

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You can even ask them to post a picture or a video promoting your products, share the benefits of using your products with the fans, and even offer coupons and discount codes.


Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs

These are high-end experts who are specialists in their niche and a topic related to a particular field. For example, an individual who is an expert in fitness is a KOL who might know a thing or two about their field. Likewise, to name a few people like Gordon Ramsay, who are expert chefs can be KOLs for culinary arts, food, food-related products, and so on.


If your business is looking for someone who is a specialist in a particular field of art, you can find KOLs as trusted sources and contributors to your business. You can ask them to get you product reviews, and unboxing videos and tell the story of your brand or share their experience.

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Social Media Influencer

These people are very popular and well-recognized on social platforms. These include platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others. They have millions of followers and the content they share is about a wide range of topics including health, workouts, lifestyle products and services, cars, art, and others.


You can easily find a social media influencer with a good image that can help you promote your brand and posts that are relevant to your niche, products, and services. You can easily find that their followers are part of your target audience, and you can determine the type of content that you want them to promote for you.

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In the end, one can say that there are so many people out there who can be major contributors to marketing your product. You can invest a certain amount of money to ask these individuals to create awareness and even help your brand sell products as well. You can find ample resources online and get things done for yourself.

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