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April 5, 2023

Discovering the Rise of Midfielder Jak McCourt in Professional Football

Football is a game of passion and skill, where young and talented players can rise to fame quickly. One such talented player is Jak McCourt, a midfielder who has been making waves in professional football.

Jak’s journey in the footballing world started at a young age. Born on November 19, 1995, in Salford, England, Jak McCourt started playing football at the age of 5. His father, Nicky McCourt, was a footballer himself and played for a few lower-league teams. Nicky’s passion for the game rubbed off on Jak, and he soon developed an interest in the sport.

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Since then, Jak’s rise in professional football has been nothing short of remarkable. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at his journey—one that has been filled with challenges, hard work, and dedication.

Section 1: Jak’s Early Days

Jak McCourt was just 5 years old when he started playing football. His father Nicky played for teams like Rochdale, Luton, and Northampton, so it was natural for Jak to get interested in the game.

From an early age, Jak showed tremendous potential as a footballer. He was quick on his feet and had excellent ball control skills. His parents, especially his father, nurtured his talent and supported him throughout his footballing journey.

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Jak joined Manchester United’s academy at the age of 9, and that’s where he started to hone his skills. He spent 4 years in the academy before moving to Leicester City’s youth setup.

Section 2: Progression to Senior Teams

Jak McCourt continued to impress with his performances in the under-18s and under-21s at Leicester City, and in 2013, he was given his first-team debut by Nigel Pearson in a League Cup game against Carlisle United.

Though it was a short appearance, it proved to be an important moment in Jak’s career. The following season, he was loaned out to Torquay United, where he made seven appearances.

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Jak returned to Leicester City and played a key role in the club’s under-23 setup, which won the Premier League International Cup in 2017. He also captained the team on a few occasions.

Section 3: The Move to National League North

In August 2017, Jak McCourt signed for National League North team Chester FC. In his first season with the club, he was voted the Player of the Season by the fans and also won the Goal of the Season award for his stunning strike against Altrincham.

Jak impressed with his performances and caught the eye of EFL clubs. In May 2018, he joined Swindon Town on a two-year deal.

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Section 4: First Season at Swindon Town

Jak McCourt made his debut for Swindon Town in August 2018, in a League Two game against Lincoln City. He went on to make 27 appearances in his first season, helping the club finish in 9th place.

Jak’s versatility impressed the club’s coaches, and he played in various positions, including central midfield, left-back, and even in an attacking role.

Section 5: Second Season at Swindon Town

In his second season at Swindon Town, Jak McCourt played an important role in the team’s promotion to League One. He made 23 appearances and scored two goals.

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Jak’s performances in the midfield played a crucial part in Swindon’s success. He showcased his ability to control the game, and his passing and tackling skills were commendable.

Section 6: Recent Developments

Jak McCourt signed a two-year deal with National League side Wrexham in July 2020. The move was a result of the pandemic’s impact on Swindon Town’s finances.

He made his debut for Wrexham in October 2020 and continued to impress with his performances in the midfield. Jak’s versatility and experience have been valuable to the team.

Section 7: FAQs

Q. What position does Jak McCourt play?

Jak McCourt is a midfielder who can play in various positions, including central midfield and left-back.

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Q. What was Jak McCourt’s first club?

Jak McCourt started his footballing journey at Manchester United’s academy.

Q. What awards has Jak McCourt won at Chester FC?

Jak McCourt won the Player of the Season award and the Goal of the Season award at Chester FC.

Q. What was Jak McCourt’s second club?

Jak McCourt signed for Swindon Town in May 2018.

Q. What role did Jak McCourt play in Swindon Town’s promotion to League One?

Jak McCourt played in the midfield and made crucial contributions to the team’s success.

Q. When did Jak McCourt sign for Wrexham?

Jak McCourt signed for Wrexham in July 2020.

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Q. How many appearances has Jak McCourt made for Wrexham so far?

Jak McCourt has made 23 appearances for Wrexham so far.


Jak McCourt’s journey in professional football has been a remarkable one. From starting at Manchester United’s academy to making his debut for Leicester City’s first team and now playing for Wrexham, Jak has come a long way.

His versatility, dedication, and hard work have been the keys to his success. We wish Jak all the best for his future in football.

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