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May 8, 2022

Each year the Pulitzer Prize organization awards the most successful professionals in newspaper journalism, literary achievements, and musical composition in the United States. It is an honor to win a Pulitzer Prize, and many journalists are aiming for it every year. Feature Photography is significant when it comes to the value and eligibility of the Pulitzer Prize. Some of the best journalists in the U.S.A. are providing an outstanding public service of significant events throughout the year. So, we made a list of five such photographers who won this prize in the past five years (2011 to 2015).

2015: Daniel Berehulak – Freelance, The New York Times

Daniel BerehulakDaniel Berehulak
Daniel Berehulak

The West Africa has dealt with many problems in the recent history. But, the Ebola was a problem with a major negative influence that shook the world. Daniel was brave enough to capture the Ebola outbreak in the crucial four months. He spent a critical time in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea to provide an amazing story. Of course, the danger was at the highest level. He had to take many breaks and precautions to avoid an infection from the disease. This award is a proof that Berehulak was able to showcase the true colors of Liberia and the Ebola outbreak. It requires persistence, bravery, and excellent storytelling to capture the most important details. It affected the whole mankind and Daniel knew how important it is to be patient and hope for the best.

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2014: Josh Haner – The New York Times

Josh HanerJosh Haner
Josh Haner

Haner’s achievement in feature photography for 2014 was amazing. He made a quality photo essay of the bombing victim Jeff Bauman at the Boston Marathon. Jeff’s life has changed since that day since he lost both his legs. His life took a drastic turn and Bauman had to do everything in his power to stay strong and continue. Josh is a photographer at The New York Times, and his work and experience provided the best outcome of this story. In the essay, Josh showed Jeff’s recovery after the terrorist attack in Boston. Jeff talked about his next steps in life and how he overcame the problem of losing his legs. It is a story that everyone should know, especially the people in Boston.

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2013: Javier Manzano – Freelance Photographer

Javier ManzanoJavier Manzano
Javier Manzano

It is difficult for a freelance photographer to get into the competition for a Pulitzer Prize. There are only a few freelancers who won in this category, and Javier is one of them. He was shocked when he found out about it. He works as a freelancer for Agence France-Presse, and the last freelancer who won a Pulitzer Prize in photography was in 1996. Manzano’s photography is astonishing. He was able to take a photo of two soldiers in Aleppo as they guard their position behind a shed with a sniper. Also, the light streaming through the holes in the shed roof (holes due to the bullets) made the photo even better. The place where Javier captured the photo was Karmel Jabl neighborhood of Aleppo. Manzano deserved to be honored with such an award.

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2012: Craig F. Walker – The Denver Post

Craig F. WalkerCraig F. Walker
Craig F. Walker

The war in Iraq had reached to a difficult point that many people cannot imagine. The Denver Post photographer Craig did a great job of showcasing the life of a combat veteran. The photo essay offers the readjustment to the life of the soldier, Scott Ostrom. He was diagnosed with PTSD, and his life after the war wasn’t easy at all. Craig’s Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography in 2012 wasn’t his first. In 2010, he won an award in the same category for capturing Ian Fisher who became a soldier in Iraq from the simple high school life. The Denver Post is proud to have such a photographer in their staff because he has clicked many amazing photos in his career.

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2011: Barbara Davidson – Los Angeles Times

Barbara DavidsonBarbara Davidson
Barbara Davidson

Not every photographer is ready to spend two years in L.A.’s most dangerous communities. But, Barbara did an outstanding job, and she won the Pulitzer Prize in 2011 for that. Barbara visited places such as Compton and Watts to capture the odyssey of those cut down by street violence. She was able to hear stories from many innocent victims. But, that wouldn’t had been possible if she didn’t fit into their lifestyle and became part of the community. The parents, pastors and gang members weren’t intimidated by her presence. She was able to talk and take pictures of everything she was interested in.

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