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April 23, 2023


Jorge Valdano is a name that’s often spoken about in football circles for his impact as a player, coach, and most importantly, as a mastermind behind world cup glory. While many fans know him as one of the most talented Argentinian footballers of all time, what many people don’t know is his pivotal role in coaching his national team to a historic world cup win in 1986. In this blog post, we’re going to explore the life and times of Jorge Valdano, and the various ways he has left his mark on the football world.

Section 1: Early Life and Footballing Career

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Jorge Valdano was born on October 4, 1955, in Las Parejas, Argentina. To say he had a love for football since he was a child would be an understatement. Valdano went on to play for several clubs across Argentina and Spain, including Alavés, Deportivo Alavés, Real Zaragoza, and Real Madrid. However, his fondest memories were of his time playing for Real Madrid, where he won five La Liga titles and won the European Cup twice.

Section 2: The Role of Philosophy in Valdano’s Footballing Career

Jorge Valdano always believed that philosophy and football went hand in hand. He was a strong believer in creating a cohesive team that could play with unity and passion. He viewed football as a way to bring people together through a shared love for the game, rather than just a competitive sport. His philosophy proved useful as an inspirational tool in motivating his teams.

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Section 3: The 1986 World Cup Victory

The 1986 World Cup will always be remembered as a legendary moment in Argentinian football history, and it was largely thanks to the efforts of Jorge Valdano. As a coach, he understood the importance of getting the best out of his players, both on and off the field. He managed to build a team that not just won but dominated the tournament, defeating England, Belgium and West Germany, before claiming the coveted trophy for his country.

Section 4: Valdano’s Work as a Sports Director

After retiring from coaching, Jorge Valdano took on a new role as a sports director. In this role, he was responsible for leading teams in creating a strategic approach to football, signing players, and promoting high standards in the game. He played a pivotal role in teams such as Valencia and Real Madrid, where he helped them achieve unparalleled success.

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Section 5: Valdano as an Influential Writer

In addition to his impressive footballing career, Valdano is also a noted author. His book ‘Los Cuadernos de Valdano’ is widely regarded as a literary masterpiece that delves into the intricacies of football and its role in society. It’s a must-read for any football coach or enthusiast who wants a new perspective on the game we all love.

Section 6: The Legacy of Jorge Valdano

Jorge Valdano’s contributions to football are immense, and his legacy remains strong to this day. He has left a lasting impact through his philosophy of bringing people together and creating a sense of belonging. His work as a coach, sports director, and writer continues to shape the way people view football and its role in society.

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Section 7: FAQs

1. What is Jorge Valdano’s most significant accomplishment in football?

Jorge Valdano’s most significant accomplishment in football was leading his team to win the 1986 World Cup.

2. What is Jorge Valdano’s football philosophy?

Valdano believes that football should be an instrument that brings people together, unifying them in their passion for the game. His philosophy emphasizes the importance of team spirit and cohesion to achieve success.

3. What did Valdano do after he retired from coaching?

After retiring from coaching, Valdano took on a new role as a sports director.

4. What is the name of Jorge Valdano’s book?

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Jorge Valdano’s book is called ‘Los Cuadernos de Valdano.’

5. What was Valdano’s role as a sports director?

As a sports director, Valdano was responsible for creating a strategic approach to football, signing players, and promoting high standards in the game.

6. What is Jorge Valdano’s legacy in football?

Jorge Valdano’s legacy in football includes his philosophy of bringing people together through the game, his work as a coach and sports director, and his literary works.

7. What was Jorge Valdano’s greatest strength as a coach?

Valdano’s greatest strength as a coach was his ability to inspire and motivate his players.


Jorge Valdano is a true football legend. He’s not just a successful player, but also a passionate coach and a visionary sports director. His football philosophy, his contribution to the world of football as an author, and his iconic World Cup win have all made him an unforgettable figure. He has left a lasting impact that will continue to shape the game for generations to come. Whether you’re a fan of football or not, there’s no denying the influence that one person can have on a sport, and in Valdano’s case, it’s an irrefutable fact.

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