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August 22, 2022


If you want to password protect PDFs to keep them safe you need to use a PDF editing program that allows you to password protect important files. A PDF password protector is a very simple but essential tool that is more than necessary in today’s digital environment. Since PDFs are widely-used to gather and share important information it is often necessary to protect them in some way. One of those ways has been to use PDF protector software, which is often a part of a larger package of PDF editing and manipulation tools.

How to Protect PDF Files from Copying and Printing Online

There are various ways to protect PDF files from illegal copying or printing. Users can either take a different file type from the one they have and convert it to a read-only PDF file so it cannot be seen by other programs or applications. This way, whenever someone tries to open the file, they will be unable to because it is not supported by that program or application.

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Another fast, popular and convenient way to secure a file is by password protecting a PDF document. This process only requires a functioning PDF editing program or software that has the feature. Once installed on your device or if you are using a browser-based program, you can drag and drop or open the file in the program.

You can go directly to the Protect PDF tab or file option, if one exists, and attach a password to your document. The process takes only a few seconds to complete and your file will be completely protected once you have attached the password. You can then share the protected file along with the new password with anyone you choose.

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Why You Need to Lock PDF from Editing, Copying, and Printing

Almost every type of organization uses the PDF format to gather, collect, collate and share information. Whether it is a large, private corporation, a government agency, or your landlord, everyone uses a PDF to create the document that matters to them at that moment. Since PDFs can contain so much sensitive information, it is important that they be secured.

A PDF can contain valuable financial information. It can also be the way test results from a medical exam are shared with you. Protecting a PDF is important for so many reasons especially if a file is going to be used or shared by more than one person. Peer-to-peer reviews are the most obvious case where more than one user has access to a file.

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So when a file is going to be shared with more than one person and contains sensitive, classified or copyrighted information, it is essential to protect PDF files with either a PDF password protector or PDF protector software. Lumin PDF is one program that lets you approve or confirm a document with an e-signature but also lets you unlock protected PDFs.

Lumin can open any password-protected PDF with its unlock feature. Users can upload their documents to the browser and choose the Unlock PDF or Compress PDF feature in the Lumin browser. They can click Unlock PDF and then save or download the unlocked file to their device or send it to whomever.

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