To attract the attention of customers and gain market share, your app must be top-quality in all aspects. And your logo greets the user at your app’s store. It resides on their computer and stays with them throughout the time they work with the app from the beginning. We’ll go over what an app’s logo is and why it’s so important and what the best practices are to create one.

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What is an application’s logo?

A logo is an image of your business, it must not just look attractive and stand out whenever it’s used, it must also communicate the essence of your application. It’s a crucial factor that can determine the overall success of any business.

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What is the significance of an icon for apps? crucial?

What do the brains of humans do faster? Images or text? The answer is yes, images. Visuals are processed faster than text. So the moment a user comes across your application, the logo is one of the first things they will notice. The logo’s purpose is to grab the attention of the user and convince users that your app is reliable and can satisfy the current issues they face.

The stages of creating an app’s logo


Step 1 Concept

Three rules to consider when coming up with an idea to create the ideal logo for your app:

  • Make sure you are focusing on your customers. If you want your logo to function as a tool for marketing which increases downloads, it has to appeal to your intended people. This will be evident in the colors as well as the design template and the overall style.
  • Be authentic. You’re not likely to build your brand’s image and be noticed if your logo is similar to that of your rival. Additionally, a logo that isn’t in line with your brand’s identity could confuse customers and turn off customers.
  • Describe your product using visual language. The logo should convey a narrative about your application. Write down an inventory of descriptive keywords and then brainstorm with your team about how to portray these keywords in the form of images or symbols. They could be the starting point for creating the most effective logo.
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Step 2 2. Platform Recommendations

When you design an application’s logo, make sure you conform to the user interface for the operating system and the accepted standards. That is, you have to be authentic and adhere to the guidelines of the platform as well as their app stores.

The two platforms iOS as well as Android have created a distinct template set of rules for design, style and layouts, among others. The different rules don’t mean you have to create distinct designs for both OS. Making a single logo and tweaking it could help you save time, money and time.

Step 3. Create

According to certain reports According to some studies, one out of five young people is likely to remove apps due to an ugly logo (not to mention the number of users will not install the app due to the logo’s unattractiveness). In this regard an appealing and attractive image for your business is as essential as a functional product.

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Here are some guidelines to be considered from the beginning of the design phase the image itself:

  1. Be aware of scalability. The logo for the app is visible virtually everywhere (in the store and in the homepage screen and in task manager, and in notifications). So, the size can vary and you must ensure that it appears professional wherever it is.
  2. Although loss of detail in various sizes is inevitable but the clarity and originality of the concept should be maintained. The logo of the app must be optimized for various gadgets. Different tools let you check how the logo would appear in any format.
  3. Limit the details to a minimum. The logo should convey a message. The most effective way to get the desired effect is to limit the amount of detail on the layout to the minimal level. The fact is that simplicity is the main ingredient to success. Simple designs convey an unambiguous message and is in line with the style of minimalist design. A simple logo reduces confusion among your customers. The more simple the logo, the simpler it is to comprehend. You can pick one symbol and use it as the central element of the logo’s design.
  4. Be distinctive and easily identifiable. First, a distinctive image is easily recognized. It can create an emotional connection with your customers. Additionally, being unique gives you an edge in the market. You’re unlikely to utilize the same patterns or colors used by other developers. Avoid copy; customers today are adamant about authenticity. They do not want to deal with copies that are pirated or copied.
  5. Pick your colors be careful. Naturally, colors influence the overall impression. Colors speak volumes and appeal to our subconscious.
  6. Use symbols instead of text. Text isn’t necessary to make the logo of an app visible or to promote your service. It is possible to avoid words and communicate through images and symbols that represent the brand’s identity. If you do would like to use text, limit it to the minimum. It’s possible to include your name and the title of the program in the event that it’s a short one, like the BBC for instance. In all other cases it’s better to keep the text to one letter. For instance, Skype uses the letter”S>>,” and Facebook utilizes the letter F.• Adding too much text will affect the quality of the logo and is difficult to read in small sizes.
  7. Be clear and informative. A good logo can give an understanding of the purpose of your application. For instance, an e-commerce application might come with bags to show purchases, while a reading app might include a book music apps might include music notes and a fitness application could have an image of a flame that represents burning calories.
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Step 4. Testing

The way to create the ideal logo that is attractive and entices customers is only found by testing. In the absence of feedback you won’t be certain that your logo functions in the way you intended it to and is at its potential.

When testing, you have to design several different designs and then test the results. Android developers can utilize Google Experiments on Google Play that allows them to test various aspects of the app’s page, for example, the logo. iOS developers can utilize Facebook or other similar services to conduct A/B testing.

Be aware that because of differences in the audience the most successful logos available on Google Play may be less efficient on the App Store and the reverse is true. As we’ve said it’s not necessary to design different logos that work for iOS or Android. It’s best to test various options available within the app stores of each to find out which options work more effectively.

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The logo is at the start of a successful career

Nowadays, the logo is a crucial part of your brand’s identity. It is also the initial point of interaction the app with user. It plays an important role in attracting attention of the user towards your mobile application. Furthermore, it’s the ideal tool to showcase your capabilities and communicate your message prior to users start using your application.

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