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February 28, 2023


Aaron McLean is a living example of how hard work, perseverance, and determination can take someone from a state of struggle to one of success. Despite the challenges he experienced in his life, Aaron never gave up and continued to strive towards his goals. His journey is not only inspiring but also a valuable lesson for all of us. In this blog post, we will explore the life of Aaron McLean, and how he turned his struggles into success, one step at a time.

Childhood Struggles

Born in Birmingham, England, Aaron McLean had a less than ideal childhood. His parents divorced when he was just two years old, and he lived with his mother and siblings. Aaron’s mother struggled to make ends meet, and the family often lacked basic necessities. Aaron was also diagnosed with dyslexia, making it difficult for him to read and write. Despite these challenges, Aaron was passionate about football and dreamed of becoming a professional player.

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Moving On

At the age of 16, Aaron had to move out of his home and make it on his own. He moved to London and joined a youth academy, where he trained hard for seven months to earn a place on the team. Despite suffering numerous injuries, Aaron persevered and continued to pursue his dream.

Early Professional Football Career

In 2001, Aaron began his professional football career with Leyton Orient. However, after just one season, he was released due to his lack of fitness. Disheartened but determined, Aaron joined Aldershot Town, a non-league team, where he regained his form and confidence. He went on to score 36 goals in 80 appearances for the team.

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Rising to Prominence

Aaron’s impressive performances caught the attention of Grimsby Town, who signed him in 2004. He scored 76 goals in 174 appearances for the team and became a cult hero among their fans. In 2008, Peterborough United signed him, and Aaron went on to score 67 goals in 142 appearances for the club. He helped the team secure promotion to the Football League Championship in 2009.

Personal Life

Aaron’s personal life was not without struggles, as he lost his son in 2008, a loss which devastated him. However, he found solace in his football career and continued to work hard.

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Recent Years

In recent years, Aaron has played for a number of football clubs, including Hull City, Bradford City, and Notts County. Despite suffering a few injuries and disappointments, Aaron remains determined to continue playing football and has not lost his passion for the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What challenges did Aaron face in his childhood?

Aaron faced numerous challenges in his childhood, including his parents’ divorce, financial struggles, and a diagnosis of dyslexia.

2. How did Aaron persevere despite setbacks in his professional football career?

Aaron remained determined and worked hard to regain his form and confidence. He continued to pursue his dream, despite setbacks.

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3. What is dyslexia and how did it affect Aaron?

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that affects reading and writing skills. Aaron was diagnosed with dyslexia, which made it challenging for him to read and write.

4. How did Aaron cope with the loss of his son?

Aaron found solace in his football career and used it as an outlet to cope with his loss.

5. What is Aaron’s current football career status?

Aaron continues to play football and has played for a number of teams in recent years, including Hull City, Bradford City, and Notts County.

6. What lessons can we learn from Aaron’s journey?

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Aaron’s journey teaches us that hard work, perseverance, and determination can help us overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

7. How can we apply Aaron’s lessons in our own lives?

We can apply Aaron’s lessons in our own lives by setting goals, working hard, and not giving up in the face of setbacks.


Aaron McLean’s journey is a testament to the power of hard work and determination. Despite facing numerous challenges in his life, Aaron never lost sight of his dreams and worked tirelessly to achieve them. His journey teaches us a valuable lesson that anything is possible if we have the determination to succeed. By applying Aaron’s lessons in our own lives, we too can overcome challenges and achieve our goals.

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