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March 22, 2023

The Inspiring Journey of Kambri Crews: From Silence to Success

Have you ever heard of Kambri Crews? She is a woman whose life journey is so inspiring that it can make you believe that nothing is impossible. Kambri Crews is an author, storyteller, and much more than that. She has turned her challenges into opportunities and emerged as a successful person. Let’s take a closer look at her journey- from silence to success.

Childhood And Struggles

Kambri Crews was born in Texas, in a family of deaf parents. Her parents were both deaf, and she had to act as a translator for them. She said, “Being a child of deaf parents is like growing up in your own silent movie.” She had to struggle to communicate with the outside world, as well as for her family to understand the world around them.

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Discovering a Passion For Storytelling

Kambri’s father was an artist, and her mother was a teacher. They both inspired her to find her own passion. And she discovered that she loved telling stories. She started from a young age, and it helped her develop better communication skills, which she later turned into a career.

Moving To New York City

After graduating from college, Kambri moved to New York City in pursuit of her dreams. She started working in a comedy club and sharpened her skills by performing stand-up comedy. Gradually, she began shaping her career as a professional storyteller.

Overcoming Obstacles

Kambri Crews had to overcome a lot of obstacles to reach where she is today. She is hard of hearing and has faced discrimination from people who think that a deaf person can’t pursue a career in writing and storytelling. But Kambri didn’t give up and turned her handicap into an asset. She became famous for telling stories about her father and her life, and her work got published in magazines, newspapers and online publications.

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Becoming an Author

Kambri wrote a memoir about her childhood and growing up with deaf parents. The book is titled ‘Burn Down the Ground: A Memoir.’ It chronicles her turbulent upbringing, as well as her achievements. Her memoir received critical acclaim and was a best-seller.

Advocating for Deaf Rights

Kambri Crews is an advocate for the rights of the deaf community. She uses her platform to create awareness about the deaf community’s struggles. She believes that deaf people deserve the same opportunities as others and is working to make society more inclusive.


Q. What distinguishes Kambri Crews from other authors?

A. Kambri Crews’s unique life story, growing up with deaf parents, heavily influenced her work as a writer and storyteller. She uses her struggles to explore universal themes that everyone can relate to.

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Q. What inspired Kambri Crew’s to become a writer and advocate?

A. Kambri Crew’s passion for storytelling, combined with her own experiences of growing up with deaf parents, inspired her to become a writer and advocate. She wants to help raise awareness about issues that affect the deaf community.

Q. What is the most significant challenge that Kambri Crews has faced?

A. Kambri’s biggest challenge was overcoming the stigma surrounding deafness, and people’s notion that deaf people cannot succeed in non-traditional careers. She proved everyone wrong by pursuing her passion for storytelling and becoming an acclaimed author and advocate.

Q. Why is Kambri’s memoir significant?

A. Kambri’s memoir is significant because it shines light on a little-understood aspect of society – what it’s like to grow up with deaf parents. Her story is universal and emphasizes the importance of communication and finding a sense of belonging in life.

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Q. What is Kambri’s stance on deaf inclusion in society?

A. Kambri is a strong advocate for deaf inclusion in society. She encourages equal opportunities and emphasizes the importance of deaf people having access to the same opportunities as hearing people.

Q. What message does Kambri Crew’s journey send to society?

A. Kambri Crew’s journey sends a message of hope and inspiration to society, proving that nothing is impossible if you have the determination and the willingness to overcome obstacles. Kambri is an excellent example of what it means to hold your head high in tough times and emerge as a winner.

Q. How can we support Kambri’s vision for the deaf community?

A. We can support Kambri and her vision for the deaf community by educating ourselves about the issues facing the deaf community, learning sign language, advocating for inclusivity, and supporting organizations that work to empower the deaf community.

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In Conclusion

Kambri Crews is an inspiration to us all. Her journey from silence to success showcases the resilience and strength necessary to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. Kambri’s story highlights the importance of communication and inclusion, and her advocacy work continues to make an impact today. Let us all take a cue from her inspiring journey and aspire to make a difference in our world.


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