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March 15, 2023


Kelly Shackelford is an American lawyer and an advocate for religious freedom with a compelling story. He is the CEO and President of First Liberty Institute, a Christian organization that provides free legal representation and education to protect religious liberty in America. Shackelford has fought for religious freedom in courtrooms and classrooms for over 30 years and has been nominated twice by President Trump to be a judge.

Section 1: Early Life and Inspiration

Shackelford was born in 1965 in Orange, Texas, to a family of lawyers. His grandfather and father were lawyers, and this familial tradition inspired him to become a lawyer himself. Furthermore, his parents instilled in him a deep love for God and country from an early age. Shackelford attended a Christian college and dedicated himself to serving the Lord in whatever capacity he could.

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Section 2: A Passion for Fighting for Religious Freedom

Shackelford’s passion for religious freedom began back during his law school years when he witnessed a rising tide of hostility towards religious expression. He observed how religious groups across the country were continually being silenced and suppressed and felt a desire to fight for their rights.

Section 3: The Establishment of First Liberty Institute

In 1997, Shackelford founded the Liberty Legal Institute, which later became the First Liberty Institute. This institution has become a bastion for religious freedom and has helped countless people and organizations fight for their constitutional right to express their faith.

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Section 4: Kelly Shackelford’s Arguments in the Courtroom

Shackelford has argued several landmark cases in courtrooms across the United States. One of his most famous cases was the Santa Rosa County School Board vs. Helms, where he defended a Christian student who was ridiculed and admonished for reading his Bible during recess.

Section 5: Shackelford’s Legacy

Shackelford has played a vital role in promoting religious liberty in America. He has helped draft legal policies that protect religious expression and has fought tirelessly to ensure that those policies are upheld in court.

Section 6: Awards and Honors

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Shackelford’s work has not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous awards and recognition from various organizations in America, including being named a Champion of Faith by the Dallas Cowboys and receiving the SBC Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s Religious Freedom Award.

Section 7: FAQs

1. What is religious freedom, and why is it important?

Religious freedom is the right to express one’s faith freely without fear of government retaliation or suppression. It is vital because it allows people to practice their beliefs and values without fear of persecution or discrimination.

2. Has Kelly Shackelford successfully defended religious freedom in court?

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Yes, Shackelford has successfully defended religious freedom in courtrooms across the United States.

3. Why did Kelly Shackelford establish the First Liberty Institute?

Shackelford established the First Liberty Institute to help people and organizations fight for their constitutional right to express their faith.

4. How does First Liberty Institute help people exercise their religious freedom?

First Liberty Institute provides free legal representation and education to individuals and organizations who are fighting for their right to express their faith.

5. Why are religious liberties under attack today?

Religious liberties are under attack because of an increasing hostility towards religious expression in America. Many people and groups view religion as a threat to their worldview and seek to suppress it.

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6. What can you do to help protect religious liberties?

You can help protect religious liberties by supporting organizations like First Liberty Institute, educating yourself and others about religious liberties, and advocating for religious freedom in your community.

7. What makes Kelly Shackelford a notable advocate for religious freedom?

Kelly Shackelford is a notable advocate for religious freedom because of his passion for defending religious liberties, his extensive experience in the courtroom, and the numerous awards and recognition he has received for his work.


Kelly Shackelford is an inspiring advocate for religious freedom in America. He has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of people and organizations to freely express their faith, regardless of government retaliation or suppression. Shackelford’s legacy will continue to inspire people to fight for their religious liberties for generations to come. If you want to help protect religious liberties, consider supporting organizations like the First Liberty Institute and advocating for religious freedom in your community.

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