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March 15, 2023


Frederik Meijer was a renowned American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business magnate. He was a man who rose from humble beginnings to build a billion-dollar empire. Meijer’s story is an inspiring tale of grit, perseverance, and hard work.

Born in Greenville, Michigan, in 1919, Frederik Meijer started working at a young age. He learned the value of hard work and determination from his family, who owned a small grocery store. Meijer’s strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit propelled him to success and helped him build an unparalleled legacy.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the legacy of Frederik Meijer in greater detail. We’ll delve into his life story, the growth of the Meijer stores, and his charitable contributions.

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Section 1: Early Life

Frederik Meijer was born in Greenville, Michigan, in 1919, to Hendrik and Gezina Meijer. He was the youngest of four children, and his family owned a small grocery store in town. As a young boy, Meijer learned the value of hard work and customer service from his family.

His first job was working as a stock boy at his family’s grocery store. From there, he worked his way up to become a cashier, a clerk, and eventually a manager. Meijer’s natural business acumen and leadership skills were evident even at a young age.

Section 2: Growth of Meijer Stores

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Meijer started his own business in 1934, when he was just 15 years old. He bought a small fleet of trucks and began delivering groceries to people’s homes. In 1936, Meijer opened his first grocery store, called Meijer’s Grocery, in Greenville, Michigan.

The Meijer stores were unique in that they combined grocery shopping with other retail offerings. Meijer was one of the first entrepreneurs to embrace the concept of one-stop shopping, a model that has become a standard in the retail industry today.

The first Meijer supercenter was opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1962. This store was larger than the average grocery store and offered a wide range of merchandise, including clothing, electronics, and toys.

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Today, Meijer operates over 240 supercenters across six states, making it one of the largest privately-owned companies in the United States.

Section 3: Philanthropy

Frederik Meijer was a strong believer in giving back to the community. He and his wife, Lena, were actively involved in philanthropy, donating millions of dollars to charities and nonprofit organizations.

Some of the causes that the Meijer family supported include education, healthcare, and the arts. The Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids is a major cultural destination, featuring a wide range of art installations and exhibitions.

In addition to supporting charitable causes, Meijer also believed in taking care of his employees. He provided them with comprehensive health insurance and retirement plans, ensuring that they were able to live comfortable lives.

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Section 4: Meijer Foundation

The Meijer Foundation was established in 1990 by Frederik Meijer and his wife, Lena. The foundation provides funding to organizations that promote education, health and wellness, and the arts.

Since its inception, the foundation has donated over $150 million to various charitable causes. The Meijer Foundation is committed to continuing Frederik Meijer’s legacy of giving back to the community.

Section 5: Meijer Family

The Meijer family has played an integral role in the growth and success of the Meijer stores. Today, the company is owned by the Meijer family, with Hank Meijer serving as the current CEO.

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The Meijer family is known for being close-knit and involved in the business. They are committed to preserving Frederik Meijer’s legacy and maintaining the company’s reputation for quality and customer service.

Section 6: Awards and Recognitions

Frederik Meijer’s contributions to the business and philanthropic communities have been widely recognized. He was inducted into the Junior Achievement West Michigan Business Hall of Fame in 1992 and was named Grand Valley State University’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004.

In addition to these awards, Frederik Meijer also received numerous honorary degrees and was inducted into the Michigan Business Hall of Fame in 2006.

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Section 7: Quotes from Frederik Meijer

Frederik Meijer was known for his wisdom and insights into business and life. Here are some of his most famous quotes:

– “The customer is the boss, and you need to keep them happy.”

– “If you’re not changing, you’re falling behind.”

– “Success isn’t about making money. It’s about making a difference.”

– “You can’t just focus on profits. You need to take care of your employees and your community.”

Section 8: FAQs

1. What was Frederik Meijer’s net worth?

Frederik Meijer had a net worth of approximately $5.1 billion at the time of his death.

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2. How many Meijer stores are there?

There are over 240 Meijer supercenters across six states.

3. What causes did the Meijer family support?

The Meijer family supported causes such as education, healthcare, and the arts.

4. Who is the current CEO of the Meijer stores?

Hank Meijer is the current CEO of the Meijer stores.

5. What awards did Frederik Meijer receive?

Frederik Meijer received numerous awards and recognitions, including induction into the Michigan Business Hall of Fame.

6. What was the first Meijer supercenter?

The first Meijer supercenter was opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1962.

7. What is the Meijer Foundation?

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The Meijer Foundation is a charitable organization that provides funding for causes related to education, health and wellness, and the arts.


Frederik Meijer’s legacy is one that will be remembered for generations. From his humble beginnings to the growth of the Meijer stores, Meijer was a man who believed in hard work, determination, and giving back to the community.

Despite his immense success, Meijer remained humble and grounded, never forgetting the values that had driven him to success. The Meijer Foundation continues his legacy of philanthropy and community service, ensuring that his impact will be felt for years to come.

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As we reflect on Frederik Meijer’s life and achievements, we’re reminded of the importance of hard work, generosity, and kindness. Let his life be an inspiration to us all, and let us strive to make a difference in our own communities, just as he did.


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