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March 30, 2023


Alecko Eskandarian was born in New Jersey, the son of an Iranian soccer coach. Despite not being a natural athlete, Eskandarian was driven to excel in soccer from a young age. He rose to fame as a star player in college and went on to play professionally, eventually winning the MLS Cup with D.C. United. Tragically, his career was cut short due to recurring concussions, but his legacy continues to inspire soccer players and fans worldwide.

Eskandarian’s Early Years

Eskandarian grew up in a soccer-loving family and began playing at a young age. Despite lacking natural athleticism, he worked tirelessly to improve his skills and quickly became a standout player. In high school, he was named the best player in the state and went on to play at the University of Virginia.

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College Career and MLS Success

At Virginia, Eskandarian became a star player, earning numerous awards and leading his team to a national championship in 1999. In 2003, he was drafted by D.C. United and quickly established himself as one of the team’s top players. In 2004, he helped lead D.C. United to the MLS Cup, scoring a goal in the championship game and being named MVP of the playoffs.

Concussions and Retirement

Unfortunately, Eskandarian’s career was cut short due to recurring concussions. He suffered a total of seven concussions throughout his playing career and was forced to retire in 2010 at the age of 28. Despite his undeniable talent, Eskandarian’s body was no longer able to withstand the physical toll of professional soccer.

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Eskandarian’s Legacy

Though his career was short, Eskandarian’s legacy lives on. He is remembered as an incredibly talented player who overcame the odds to achieve success. His perseverance and determination serve as an inspiration to athletes everywhere. In 2008, he founded the Alecko Eskandarian Soccer Academy, which provides training and support to young players in his hometown of Montvale, New Jersey.

Famous Quotes

Eskandarian was known for his candid and insightful interviews. Here are a few of his most famous quotes:

– “I always tell people, you’ve got to learn to love the struggle. Because if you can’t love the struggle, you’re never going to get to the next step.”
– “I have a lot of friends that played in the league that didn’t win championships. That’s what made my experience that much more special.”
– “I’m proud that I was able to play through a lot of adversity and convince myself that I could do anything I set my mind to.”

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1. What teams did Alecko Eskandarian play for?
A: Eskandarian played for D.C. United, the Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, and Chivas USA during his professional career.

2. How many concussions did Eskandarian suffer?
A: Eskandarian suffered a total of seven concussions during his playing career.

3. Did Eskandarian ever win any championships?
A: Yes, Eskandarian won the MLS Cup with D.C. United in 2004.

4. Where is the Alecko Eskandarian Soccer Academy located?
A: The soccer academy is located in Montvale, New Jersey.

5. What is the goal of the Alecko Eskandarian Soccer Academy?
A: The academy aims to provide training and support to young soccer players in the Montvale area.

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6. What was Eskandarian’s role at the University of Virginia?
A: Eskandarian played soccer for the University of Virginia and helped lead the team to a national championship in 1999.

7. How did Eskandarian inspire other athletes?
A: Eskandarian’s perseverance and determination in the face of adversity serve as an inspiration to athletes everywhere.


Alecko Eskandarian was a talented soccer player whose career was cut short by recurring concussions. Despite this setback, his perseverance and determination continue to inspire athletes around the world. Through the Alecko Eskandarian Soccer Academy, his legacy lives on, providing support and guidance to young soccer players in his hometown of Montvale, New Jersey.

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