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February 22, 2023


Warren Lewis was an English academic, teacher, and writer, who remains unknown to many. However, he was a man of deep intellect and literary influence whose life and legacy deserve our attention. Born in 1895, Warren Lewis had a passion for writing and was the younger brother of the renowned author, C.S. Lewis. In this blog post, we will delve into the hidden life of Warren Lewis and explore his legacy.

The Early Life of Warren Lewis

Warren and his elder brother, C.S. Lewis, were born in Belfast, Ireland. They grew up in a world that was steeped in literature and imagination. As a child, Warren demonstrated a remarkable talent for writing and storytelling. He went on to study at Oxford where he developed his skills in poetry and writing. However, Warren’s life took a different turn when he was drafted into the First World War. Despite his reluctance to fight, he served as a soldier and was severely injured in 1918. The horrors of the war changed Warren, leaving him physically and mentally scarred.

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The Literary Career of Warren Lewis

As a writer, Warren had an impressive career. He published several poetry books, a memoir, and essays. He also collaborated with his brother C.S. Lewis, on a book of poems titled “Spirits in Bondage.” Warren’s unique style of writing is characterized by his use of humor and satire. His work reflects his experiences and his passion for life.

Warren Lewis’ relationships

Warren was a recluse who preferred solitude over company. However, he had close relationships with a select few individuals. One of them was his elder brother C.S. Lewis; they shared a strong bond and collaborated on several literary works. Warren also had close friendships with J.R.R. Tolkien and Owen Barfield. They referred to themselves as “The Inklings” society, which was a literary group that met regularly to discuss their works.

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Warren Lewis’s Religion

Warren was a devout Anglican Christian, he took his faith seriously and participated actively in church activities. He was a strong opponent of liberalism and his religious beliefs shaped his worldview. Warren was an advocate of traditional values and saw Christianity as a way of life.

Warren Lewis’ death

Warren died in 1973, following a long illness. His death was a great loss to the literary world. Despite his achievements, Warren’s life remains largely unknown, and his legacy has been overshadowed by that of his elder brother.


Q: Was Warren Lewis a soldier?
A: Yes, Warren Lewis served as a soldier in World War I.

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Q: What was Warren Lewis’ writing style?
A: Warren’s writing style was characterized by humor and satire.

Q: Who were Warren Lewis’ closest friends?
A: Warren Lewis had close friendships with J.R.R. Tolkien and Owen Barfield.

Q: Was Warren Lewis religious?
A: Yes, Warren was a devout Anglican Christian.

Q: How did Warren Lewis die?
A: Warren died in 1973 following a long illness.

Q: Did Warren Lewis have any siblings?
A: Yes, Warren had an elder brother named Clive Staples Lewis, who was also a well-known author.

Q: What was Warren Lewis known for?
A: Warren Lewis was known for his literary work, poetry books, and essays.

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In conclusion, Warren Lewis was a remarkable man whose life and legacy deserve our attention. He was a gifted writer and a man of deep intellect, whose work continues to inspire and influence many. Despite his many achievements, his life has remained hidden, but we hope this blog post has offered some insight into his fascinating world. So let us remember Warren Lewis and the impact he had on the literary world.

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